Welcome to UK Manchester Chinese Martial Arts Centre

UK Manchester Chinese Martial Arts Centre.

This centre is established to pass on Chinese culture and tradition, not only focusing on the aspect of martial arts, but personal development and values. It is of utmost importance in Chinese culture to respect and honour parents, teachers and elders. Without parents, we would not exist. Without teachers, we would not have the knowledge and understanding. Without elders correcting our wrongs, we will not develop and continue on the right path. Personally, I have practised Choy Lee Fut at a young age under my Grandmaster Lee Man Yam in Macau. Then in England, I was fortunate to become a disciple of Grandmaster Edmund Ng. Choy Lee Fut is a southern Chinese martial art style and it is one of China’s cultural treasures, so as Chinese people, we endeavour to preserve and pass on Chinese culture. Western people tend to be more focused and passionate in pursuing martial arts, whereas Chinese people are focused on their jobs at hand neglecting their health. Martial arts does not only provide health benefits, but relieves the stress and bitterness of life encounters, teaching us not to give up when times are hard. Southern style lion dancing is a good way to practise skills of martial arts. It incorporates teamwork, mutual respect, similar to the relationship of brothers and sisters. Presently, I have encountered Wing Chun under Grandmaster Billy Davidson who taught me the foundation of Wing Chun. I personally gave my respects and learnt from Grandmaster Rocky Lui Ming Fai in Macau about the core principles of the Wing Chun system. I have then learnt the method of Wing Chun from Hong Kong Grandmaster Kong Chi Keung. I would like to thank all my respected teachers for their teachings. As a disciple, I hope to pass on what I have learnt.



本人鄧敏基成立本會的原因是希望能夠把中國文化傳下去,不單只在武術方面,個人方面極為重要,中國為什麼百善孝為先,孝代表了父母,老師,長輩。如果沒有父母怎能有我們,如果沒有老師怎能有我們的知識,如果沒有長輩提點我們的錯,我們怎能正面成長,所以中國人的(孝字)孝順,孝敬,孝道!代表我們對他們的尊重。我本人自小學習蔡李佛拳,恩師澳門李文欽。後再在英國幸得拜入恩師伍厚德為入室弟子,深感榮幸。蔡李佛是南派拳術,也是一種中國非物質文化之一,所以我們中國人要努力把這種文化傳下去,西方人現在也比較熱成,中國人在國外忙於工作,淡忘了身體,武術不單只對身體有好處,還能刻服生活上的艱苦,遇到困難不易放棄,堅持到底的良好精神!南派醒獅,也是一種練習功夫的方法。團隊的合作性,互助互爱,就像兄弟姊妹一樣。到了現在再接觸了詠春,感謝恩師Billy Davidson. 教了我詠春所有的基本功,再拜了香港恩師江志强學習拳理法道。感謝所有恩師對我的教導!作為徙弟的我再此希望能把我所學的所有中國功夫無私的傳遞下去,為下一代保留中國武術遺產!